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Talk*INFOSEC covers all things Information Security, Privacy and Technology.

Talk*INFOSEC is a forward-thinking Information Security publication covering all things Information Security, Privacy and Technology.

Our deep dive areas of focus anchors around these pillars:

  • General Exploration of Cybersecurity Topics
  • IoT & Telemetry
  • Drone Security
  • Medical Device Security & Privacy

We aim to create a Security Eco-System that supports and enhance the evolving infosec and tech arena and businesses.

We do so by providing relevant content, through our experiences, thought-leadership, insight, interviews, news, and reviews via high profile Industry Experts in various sectors.

We will also deliver our services through via panel discussions, open mic and live demonstrations.

We endeavour to bring you relevant know-how, to help you with real challenges that matters to you and your business.

Our Hosts


Cheila Dos Santos

Cheila is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional providing Cybersecurity consultancy and advisory services to well-known firms including top 3 FTSE 100 retailer.


Clinton Walker

Clinton has over 13 years experience in the IT & Security arena, most of which have been spent in Security dealing with Vulnerability Management, Security Systems Administration, Business Continuity, Compliance, Auditing, Risk Management, Training and Awareness and Ethical Hacking.



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